Highveld Taxidermists (Pty) Ltd was established 1981 in South Africa by Dieter and Erika Ochsenbein.

Dieter needs little introduction to the world of trophy hunters. He has hunted in every conceivable corner of the globe and Africa with its huge variety of game animals holds a special fascination for him. Dieter has been recognized by the hunting community for his contribution to hunting and to honor his achievements:

  • 1997: SCI’s Presidents Award
  • 2000: Musgrave Award- this is the most prestigious hunting award in Africa
  • 2002: PHASA Wildlife Utilization Award
  • 2006: C.J.McElroy Award from SCI. Dieter was the first non American recipient of this prestigious award.
  • 2009: The Coenrad Vermaak Award was bestowed upon Dieter for his outstanding services to the professional hunting fraternity in Africa.

All these achievements just document the passion of the founder of Highveld Taxidermists to hunting and the preparation of hunting trophies.

The simple philosophy ‘THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE’ holds true at Highveld Taxidermists.

Thomas Ochsenbein joined the family business in 1998 after graduating from law school and later his sister Barbara, with an honors degree in logistics enhanced the strong Highveld team.

Today, Highveld Taxidermists is the largest Taxidermy firm in the world, serving hunters from all over the world.

However, none of this would have been possible without you fellow hunters. We value your trust in us and this trust has always been our main target to live up to.

For this very reason, all work is done in-house. We sculpture our own forms, we tan our own skins and capes, we create stunning live size poses, pedestal mounts, Shoulder mounts and any conceivable variation in between. We make up Gun cases and cushions from the back skins, Fly swishes from Tails. Book ends, Ashtrays, Ice Buckets from feet and we have a fully equipped carpenter shop to make up shields, pedestals, elephant foot stools and cap Ivory. We don’t outsource anything.

Control and quality guarantee are too dear to us to compromise on!

Our crating, packing and transport team are true experts to assure the safe arrival of your hunting memories at your home.

VISIT OUR STUDIOS on your hunt with Crown Safari Group. We can discuss and give advice on your personalized custom mounts and you will see hundreds of completed trophies. This unique opportunity will make your choices of poses easier since you actually see the trophies in many different variations. If this is your first hunt in Africa, it may even be a good idea to visit us before the hunt. You will get an idea of animal size, horn length of the different species and this way prepare you better for the days in the field.

THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE – let the experts take care of your trophies and preserve your hunting memories!

Proudly working with...

Proudly working with...